• Personalized engagement means higher
patient/caregiver satisfaction

    HIPAA Personalized
    Mobile Video Messaging

    • “The future of mobile health communications” Dr. Jay Sanders

The Patient Engagement Solution


"82% of patients want a more personal connection to their health provider"
  • Personalized Video Patient/Family Engagement, including on Facebook
  • Clinician/Clinician & Clinician/Patient Asynchronous Video Consults
  • Video Discharge Instructions & Follow-up

meU Care Is

  • HIPAA Compliant Multidirectional Video Messaging via email, text, apps, Facebook
  • Next Generation Real-Time Analytics (who watched what where when)
  • Integration with EHRs

meU Care Delivers

  • New levels of personalized patient engagement, attention & satisfaction
  • Trusted connection between clinicians and patients, caregivers and family
  • Individualized care coordination & utilization
  • Actionable analytics of engagement effectiveness
  • Avenue to new relationships, including via Facebook
  • Patient/family loyalty
  • Differentiation
  • Itunes
  • Google play
  • Hippa

All In One EASY Platform

  • Asynchronous Video Messaging (videos, photos, voice, text)
  • Synchronous Video Chat (real time video conferencing from your mobile phone)
  • Text Messaging
  • Voice Over Photos
  • Real-Time Analytics (know who viewed what down to the second)
  • Patient ID Driven Results Post to Any EHR
  • Clinician to Clinician, Clinician to Patient/Caregiver, Caregiver/Patient to Clinician
Create and share personalized video messages anywhere, anytime even Facebook!
  • Create a trusted relationship with a personal connection
  • Make video messages when YOU have time – recipients watch and reply when they can
  • EASILY record and combine videos, photos, voice, text, weblinks into Personalized Video Messages
  • Share video messages to the Apps, Email, Text, Facebook – all HIPAA compliant
  • Individualize Care Coordination & Utilization
  • Use the Video Libraries
  • No photos or videos are left on your mobile device or computer, so you are always HIPAA compliant
LIVE VIDEO CHAT from your mobile device and computer
  • Easier and much less expensive than traditional telemedicine platforms
  • Reach patients and colleagues in remote, rural, international locations
  • Direct connection to patients, caregivers, colleagues on mobile phones and computers
  • Automatically saves a video copy of the session in your Library
  • You can message the video session to specialists for second opinions
  • You can post the video session to your EHR
  • Dictate care in seconds using your voice over photos
  • Share VERY specific care directions to your team
  • Give second opinions in your own voice
  • Make personalized referrals
  • Photo stays on the screen as long as you talk
  • Nothing on your devices, so you are HIPAA compliant on any Apple, Android mobile device, any computer
Voice over video
  • Quick secure texting option from the same app
  • Unlike other text products, meU text messages post to your EHR.
  • Preserve a record of clinical text communications for maximum HIPAA compliance